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Welcome to the official home page of Professional Scripts,
developer of Professional Toplist software!

We have been developing software products for web-servers since 2001. During all this time our most important project has been the development of the professional rating system. It took us more than a year to study the rating systems operating in the Internet, as well as the ways of their cheating. Statistics data was collected and the mechanism of system cheating was analyzed.

We made two conclusions. The first one is:
 - it is possible to cheat any system (only systems which are not connected to the Internet are impossible to cheat). And the second:
 - as traffic back from the rating system has a certain limit (available traffic), and the expenses on cheating are constant and proportional to the expected traffic back (the expenses include both the cost of the development of the cheating program and the constant control of its work), it makes sense to make cheating so complicated that it will stop being a profitable business. Deep statistics analysis is a one way to make cheating more complicated: faking statistics is far from being easy.

The core of our Professional Toplist system is a powerful heuristic analyzer of the traffic. Most detailed reports on every account including more than ten numerical characteristics of the traffic clearly show any deviation of real traffic.
Automatic blocking of the cheaters, quick CGI modules in C, an original approach to the rating table editing - these are only a few examples of various Professional Toplist features...

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